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Chef Marcus

"I discovered that soul food exist in every culture and I began to realize how much I loved the art and soul of food."


Born in New Jersey, raised in Southern California, I like to consider myself a "Bi-Coastal Child" After traveling, abroad in the United States Navy I relocated from San Diego, California to Atlanta , Georgia at the end of 2005. My outlook on food especially "soul food" was different after experiencing the different types of entrees from the countries I visited during my time in the service. 

I had a desire to know more and to learn more, within a year I enrolled in Culinary School and I was on fire, I just wanted to create food! In 2008 I took my first full time Chef position as a Private Chef for a family here in Atlanta it was like a dream come true. 

However, it was not the end of my dream; I later began to cater for private foundations and private parties for executives, celebrities, and athletes working as a personal Chef in private estates. I wanted to make food that I loved. I wanted to bring guest to my cuisine, more than that I want to tell my story... I wanted you to travel the world on a plate but through my eyes.

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