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Among Atlanta's caterers, Q-Zeens (kyo͝o-zēns’) stands out from the rest, respected as one of Atlanta's Elite Caterers. We believe that an entrée is just the beginning of the journey. Our team takes pride in providing quality over quantity believing that we have been called to serve a culinary experience.


While many equate “soul food” with regionally stamped southern American cuisine, we believe “soul” cannot be confined to one geographic location. Our selection of soul refers to the intended shared experience at the heart of each meal. 


We focus on treating our clients as family while delivering a casual luxury experience that reflects our unique culinary motif. While admiring and respecting the classic tradition, we love creating unique and innovative entrées. Bringing you the finest gourmet cuisine made of ingredients full of flavor is just what we do.



 "Bringing excitement to the table while honoring the tradition of food is our mission." 

The Heart of Q-Zeens

Get to know the team at Q-Zeens and see why we are more than just a company. 


Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, and more! Our Q-Meals are prepared for you and your family.


Our Chefs are bringing their favorite creations to your table.  

Catered Services

Private Parties, Corporate Events, Crew Feeds, and more. Allow Q-Zeens to be a part of your memories.

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