The Heart of Q-Zeens

Four years of friendship, one year of courtship, and a journey worth taking. 


What started as a conversation over an egg sandwich (it had to be food) at church developed into a four year friendship.  Being in a relationship was the last thing on our minds, but God put us together for a purpose. Not even a month into our relationship we knew this was something special. 

As husband and wife we strive to share the love we have for each other with the love we share for food in each item we create. 

Legitimizing ourselves as one of the Elite Caterers in Atlanta was challenging at the beginning. Our goal has always been to connect with clients that not only love what we do but also are willing to invest in the experience. 

Meet The Team

Marcus Kirkland

Executive Chef

LaWanda Kirkland

Executive Sous Chef

Allante Hicks


Event Manager

Kathy Aamir

Account Manager

Certifications & Awards

Companies we've worked with

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Caterer, Wedding Caterer, Event Caterer

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